Nuances, tones and shadows

Nuances, tones and shadows


If tomorrow I suddenly start to think
In shades, nuances and tones of pink
My shadow would gladly allow me to link
What I want with what I need and some ink
On my alabaster skin… k

Today of all days I dived and I sank
In no more than 2 seconds, like a giant tank
Was I entitled to? Have I disgraced my rank?
Should I find the answer, I’ll throw it off the bank
Of my over-flooding inner waters…

Yesterday I was nothing more than a punk
Who dreamed in broad daylight til she got drunk
With the hope of getting rid of all her junk
Pack all those useless bags and shove them in a trunk
And simply drive away…

Will I wrinkle thinking the same things?
Will I sprain my ankle over and over again on those old familiar rocky paths?
Will I burn my shadow just like Unkle?
Will I think pink and cover myself in pretty ink?
Will I pretend to be just another tank of a higher rank?

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