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Time – The Making Of

Time – The Making Of


Got time to meet for drinks?

No way, I’m swamped! I barely have time to breathe. You wouldn’t want to be me right now!

Well, you are actually right for a change. I wouldn’t!

Because you are the slave of time. You have not managed to make it your own.

Tame it!

Enjoy it!

Use it!

Abuse it!

Make it, not just have it!

Time is not on your side since you don’t have the time. Time is a sneaky bastard especially when highlighting your priorities behind your back or under your very busy nose.

Silverfuckinglinings baby!

The making of time is quite a skillful activity. You have to put some effort into it.

Get your hands dirty!

Clear your head!

Listen to yourself and see what matters and what doesn’t…

I have to do this and that and that… Oh and there’s also that other thing! I’m so sorry! I wish I could!

The myth of the almighty busy man has grown old… It’s a pile of useless explanations and sound dust.

You want it, you make time for it, whatever that it may be. You don’t, it will catch up with you via nocturnal regrets and fuck you insomnia style.

Timing is everything sometimes!

I have met synchronicity and it feels pretty great!

I have also been acquainted with persistent lack of synchronization. Feels frustrating as fuck.

In the end, I concluded that we are still masters and commanders of our own lives and where timing fails, we can step in and make the fucking time.

Nevertheless, I have come to trust the timing of my life! It knows where I’m going and where I’ve been!

And now here I stand before you!



Nuances, tones and shadows

Nuances, tones and shadows


If tomorrow I suddenly start to think
In shades, nuances and tones of pink
My shadow would gladly allow me to link
What I want with what I need and some ink
On my alabaster skin… k

Today of all days I dived and I sank
In no more than 2 seconds, like a giant tank
Was I entitled to? Have I disgraced my rank?
Should I find the answer, I’ll throw it off the bank
Of my over-flooding inner waters…

Yesterday I was nothing more than a punk
Who dreamed in broad daylight til she got drunk
With the hope of getting rid of all her junk
Pack all those useless bags and shove them in a trunk
And simply drive away…

Will I wrinkle thinking the same things?
Will I sprain my ankle over and over again on those old familiar rocky paths?
Will I burn my shadow just like Unkle?
Will I think pink and cover myself in pretty ink?
Will I pretend to be just another tank of a higher rank?

Lex Perplex

Lex Perplex


De-ar fi ca totul sa fi fost in zadar…

Sa stii ca te iubesc fara sa-ti marturisesc,
Iar dragul ce ti-l port mai ceva ca frigul
Dus de ierni cu zapada si pomi terni,
Ma va duce catre visele cele nauce…

In care noi doi nu suntem doar niste oi,
Ci fiinte mitice preapline de stiinte,
Iar nurii mei invesmantati in blanuri
Se-ntalnesc cu al tau piept drept,

Pe cand uitatura-ti imi scalda-n adoratie faptura,

Cu ochi caprui care nu-s de deochi.

Asa ca, dragul meu, arunca zarul
Sa vedem incotro o vom lua in tandem…

The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Following an unknown reason from the back of my mind, I decided to write this post in my non-native language. I feel obliged to let you know before you get to read any further that the subject is not an easy one, nor is it a topic you would have no problem bringing up at a family dinner while enjoying your soup together with your significant other, children, relatives and pets.

It’s about the one that got away… but keeps lingering in a corner of your being which has been occupied without the intent of being released any time in the next decade. Call me obsessive, but shit like this happens to all of us. Whether we admit it out loud or hide it in the safest place of our brain, it’s there. If you have trouble putting your finger on the person who meets all of the above stated criteria, please try again later. Maybe your defenses are so strong, that work miracles in saving your from yourselves in times of existential questions.

My very best adviser and critic told me something tres smart when I asked him why do people choose to keep present in their memories someone with whom they feel things got away and are not quite finished. He said that this is part of our human nature and that clinging on to “the one that got away” concept is a way of hoping for the best, because at one point in our lives something inside ourselves sent the message that hooking up with that person will improve considerably our existence.

I tend to believe him without saying necessarily that he is right. He is right, I am left, but it seems we work very good together. How do you keep the one that got away in the back of your life, but not forget him/her? You would do him/her an injustice by allowing your memory to act upon these sequences of your life experience as a merciless Recycle Bin. At the same time, how do you keep the one that got away… away?

You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need… as a Rolling Stone would say. And this, my friends, is the truest truth of ’em all. No matter what we think that we want, we should without a doubt act upon our needs first and wishes after. Needs such as basic stable attachment, safety, the feeling of home, social status, family. Sometimes our wishes get the best of us, tearing us into endless negotiations between mind, body and soul. I want the moon, stars, sun, planets, black holes, vortexes, comets and undiscovered space. I want it all and I want it now!

Just like a little kid wants a piece of candy…


Does he need it?


Will he feel pleasure after eating it?


Will he feel better on the long-term eating candy everyday?


So he will eventually have to give it up. Cuz it’s not what he needs!

That does not mean that he will stop thinking about what if…

And it’s ok kid, keep on thinking!

This is our greatest gift ever: our inner world in which we can eat as many pieces of candy as we want forever, think of whomever we want in our moments of silence, project fairytales and fantasies. But let us not forget, as one of my 5 year-old students would say: it’s not real, Miss!

I coulda woulda shoulda been more articulate on this topic, but the reality is that I ain’t! I don’t want to leave you all high and dry, so I will list some songs which made me think further about the controversial and quasi taboo subject of the one that got away:

His words were like heaven in my hurricane;
And I’ll be happy for you, if you can be happy for me…;
But if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need.

Good night to all the ones that got away… and to all the ones that didn’t! 😉




_Whatever breaks_
________________Into (dis)honest mistakes
__And deep-cut aches__
______________Shall not be forgotten
___But always written___
_____________With the finest ink
____An a subsequent eye blink____
____________So pardon my glitch
_____And welcome the ressurected twitch_____
___________It’s time to stop pushing brakes…