The Return to Innocence

The Return to Innocence

Is there such a thing as returning to that place where we were completely and utterly innocent? As in really going back memory lane and pinning on the map of our lives that very moment when things began to turn from innocence to … some other states of the heart, the body and the spirit?

Well I believe that miracles such as these happen and when they do it’s for a reason. Maybe to make you think ahead while dreaming of the good old times when life was simple and easy. Without complicated relationships, intricated information and suspicious contexts. When what you saw was exactly what was. You may think that I am presumptious for writing a post related to my early days in English, but the reality is that it feels more comfortable like this. Don’t know why, but it just does!

Last Saturday I met up with some people with whom I went to primary and secondary with. It was literally a 3D experience, as I hadn’t seen some of them in ages. Inclusively my teacher. Who did not have any idea who I was. So apparently 13 years of life have changed me viciously turning me into the woman I am today.

Rebel (with a cause), insane for knowledge, hungry for new experiences, judgemental, witty, twisted (in a number of ways) and the expression of originality. Oh, and I forgot to mention modest and humble! 🙂 Well yeah, the years gone by have taught me that you have to be aware of your own worth if you want to stand a chance in the face of the hazard around you. If not, you will be stepped on…on and on.

Anywho, it was quite a huge surprise to realize that this time, me together with another girl were the only two girls present surrounded by nine guys. All so different, but in some way all alike. The former 8A class, year of 1999. Us and the solar eclipse, bursting at the end of last century ;). At the rectangular table of a brewery near-by sat and talked with a lot of noise and laughter a psychologist, a circus performer, a business man, a financial advisor, a construction engineer, a public clerk, 2 dentists, a lawyer, a legal consultant, an architect and our good old teacher.

It was like the weirdest combination of characters ever brought together by the will of God and our colleague the legal advisor. At one point I was laughing so hard that my stomach was doing involuntary abs work. It was one hell of an encounter. They say that whenever people who have not seen eachother in ages decide to meet, they behave exactly as they did when they met last. For all of us I think the last time we were together in this combination was at the end of secondary. So it was completely natural for us to act like teenagers. 14 year olds making fun of one another over beers and coffee.

Unbelievable, I tell you! You have to live it to acknowledge the intensity of this kind of experience. My former teacher was very funny when she confessed that she has absolutely no idea who I am. After revealing my identity, she continued:

Howcome you’ve dried up so much?

The truth is that I was a chubby gal who after discovering the benefits and mysteries of a certain type of social interactions decided to cut down eating. The alpha male of our class, now a preti(di)gious lawyer, among a lot of jokes (some good, others teenage style, a few intelectual) in a moment of total bliss and sincerity (which is somehow like a blue moon for lawyers) genuinely made the following observation:

That no matter how many close friends I would have, I cannot act and laugh around them as I act and laugh around you who I have known for nearly all my life.

Francly, I was not expecting such a display of sincerity and authenticity from his part, and it hit me as a rocket. A friendly personalized rocket. The gathering all together was great from a number of reasons. And all the people present, one by one, shared some of their memories from the times they were school kids, seen through their childish eyes but resignified with their adult minds.

And all the people at the table shared some knowledge and experience from their professions like grown-ups do. With responsibility, integrity and concern for what has the world come to nowadays. After hours of talking about all and nothing, about world peace and worldly piss, about the economy, child education and parenting, we parted ways.

And I am positive that the next time we meet it’s going to be even more fun. One thing which I realized was that all the people who attended the reunion were the ones without serious commitments and obligations. The not married ones and the not parents yet ones. I left the place feeling great with myself, in peace with my past and lucky to have grown up with such people.

Give it up for my people from No. 52 School, Year of 1999! 😀 And do not forget to…
…listen to your heart my friend, that would be the return to yourself, the return to innocence!

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