Grace hangover

Grace hangover

I keep on going in circles, ovals, squares, rectagles until I end up in freakin’ twisted nonagons.

I am who I have become after some pretty hard labour.

From my mom on my birthday almost 30 years ago and from me for the past almost 30 years.

To grow up, to grow out of nasty habits, to see the good, the beautiful, the meaningful, to know, to feel, to become aware, to let go of things, to let people in, to learn from my mistakes, to practise, to believe…

To believe that at the end of the day everything’s going to be alright.

To keep hoping and wishing that life is easier and more pleasant when it’s shared.

Sharing is fuckin’ scaring!

I shared being frightened up to my bones.

I went full throttle, guns blazing, no regrets, head up looking straight forward.

Sometimes I succeed, other times I fail and maybe once, once in a blue moon I hit it bullseye.

But one thing is for certain, I never back down.

Never have, never will.

That’s how I was born and bread.


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