French autumn rain

French autumn rain

A sheer moment of log-off or two
May indulge me in what people usually do
When the rain lets them know
That November can as an autumn gift with a bow!

From my cozy cushioned cafe seat
I stare at the world outside and eat
Something sweet, something new
Not something borrowed or something blue…

The humming voices of people around
Suddenly fade out without the slightest sound
All is left for me to hear loud and clear
Is a French love song in my ear

The mind flies high as the soul deeply floats
Over sees and oceans and moats
To a land where there is no “must”
But only you, me and some good old trust

That you are here to stay. Ay?
That you won’t just get up and fly away. No way!
That I am mine and you are yours. For hours!
But all that’s in between will forever be ours!

That all we have lived together so far
Has its own special place up on a star
Which will guide us when the now gets dark
Or when I transform into freakin’ Joan of Arc

And you will your blazing, consuming heat
Burn me inside out until I turn into roasted meat
What will be, will be. Then so be it!
Maybe we wake up one morning and say “Beat it!”

We’ll know then our time is out
As we continue to scream and shout
Leaving all courtesy and common sense aside
Tenderness… care… forgotten side to side

But what if we don’t?
What if we are stubborn enough to utter “We won’t!”
What will come of us?
Will you be strong enough to stop making a fuss?

Will i be wise enough to let this one slide?
Can you imagine the surprise in our eyes?
Or how much we would enjoy such a rise?
From our ashes only to once again to stride… to ride…


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