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Sideral tenderness

Sideral tenderness


I have seen you up front, when you were not looking.

I have talked you in and out of things as the friends that we were.

I have listened to your stories and worries, but did not fall back on them.

One day I just saw you with my own eyes and almost got blinded by your rays.

You are master of the sun, after all! And I, the evening moon for the perfect eclipse.

So different we are, you and me.

You’re an early bird. I’m a night bird.

You’re so fond of order. I find chaos utterly comforting and creative.

You burn my skin in your hot flashes. I’m pale and give you the chills.

You like to control my days. I like to control your nights.

You dream of heading off into the sunset. I dream of blue moons and red suns.

Your calm look helps my find my zone once more. My passionate drive is the gas to your inner motorbike.

But all in all, we are both stars that have the luck of meeting when the day turns into night. After a hard day’s work into a long night’s walk.

Does is ever get lonely up there without me? I sure know that I miss your warm embrace when I’m in the sky doing my moony duties.

The sun and the moon, the stars, are just like this in the end. Shining alone in the sky. You have the clouds. I have the stars and clouds.

In the nights in which I can’t seem to get any work done, I send you secret love messages on a trustworthy cloud. When morning comes and I have to go to bed, the cloud returns with a ray of sun in response.

This is what I have chosen and what I live by. It is how I started seeing the paradise in the dust of the street…