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It’s simply a matter of choice…

It’s simply a matter of choice…

…but that makes it far from being simple.

Because sometimes we feel like the choices we make are not entirely ours. Whether we want to admit it or not, our actions are driven by the way in which our inner beings choose to do or not do something. So mainly you always have a choice. Even when you don’t have a choice (apparently), you have a choice.

You can choose to think in a certain manner. As you have the capacity to choose to feel some things more than others. Independently of how spontaneous we think we are, the choices we make are the result of an entire algorithmic process. Conscious or unconscious. And the more we think or ourselves as “not having a choice” the more we’re gonna start acting like choiceless creatures.

Who expect to be chosen and do not have even the slightest intention of manifesting control towards anything. At the end of the day is how much you are aware of your own existence and its implications.

I choose to speak my mind most of the times. It might not be the wisest choice, but I am totally aware that for me the freedom of speech is vital.

I choose to demand explanations, when I feel that the film playing right in front of me skips a beat.

I choose to smile when I see shit-storms coming my way and preparing my shit-proof gear.

I choose to focus on the functional part of the people around me, instead of picking on what they are not.

I choose to stand up for what I believe is right and fair.

I choose to dismiss you in the first few seconds in which I see you struggling to insult my intelligence.

I choose to be classy and self-preserved.

I choose that my happiness not depend on something I might lose at one point.

I choose to look you in the eye and tell you a piece of my mind.

I choose to step aside when I feel that I don’t belong in a place.

I choose to lose honorably, instead of winning scrupulously.

I choose to still be able to look at myself in the mirror every morning without fearing the reflection.

I choose to grow fond of people and moments and keep them somewhere inside.

I choose to laugh out loud whenever I can.

I choose to enjoy every day with the good, the bad and the real.

I choose to sleep well every night, no matter how sick and tired I feel.

I choose to spend my time wisely and consume my energy fiercely.

I choose to look for the sunrise, and contemplate the sunset.

I choose the moon over the sun most of the time.

I choose fighting for causes, and searching for answers.

I choose to question myself once in while and see if I’m still on the right track.

I choose to not make everything my own choice, but invite an alter to join in.

How comfortable are you with your choices?