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Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, person, etc.. It is also known as a pledge or an undertaking.



I committed a murder and because I was mentally dyfunctional at the moment of the crime I was committed in a mental hospital.

Now my commitment towards my daily medication overpasses my other commitments.

Actually I do not seem to have other commitments.

Not even to my family or friends.

My girlfriend says I might have commitment issues.

I don’t think so.

After all I have committed several things throughout my existence.

That should mean something, right?


Am comis-o grav! Si am inceput pe urma sa dau din colt in colt.

Comisarul de la sectie ma masura din priviri parca incercand sa ma intimideze.

Doar doar m-oi speria si o sa dau tot pe goarna.

Pana si aia din comitet ma stiu ca pe-un cal breaz.

Stiu prea bine ce-mi poate pielea.

Am incurcat-o de data asta.