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Fear of…

Fear of…

Sometimes we are our own executioners.
We kill things before they even start showing in our being.
Just in case.
Because we are modern people, with modern fears and flight as the only alternative.
We run.
As fast as we can.
Until we reach a safe place (in our minds).
And hide.
We build up walls so high around us that it is a wonder other people can still get a glimpse of who we are.
Because we continue to be.
Our fears become wolves who devour the natural drives. Rip them to pieces.
Nobody talks about it, but everyone feels it.
The fear.
Whether it’s fear of the dark or fear of the dawn it lurks slowly under our skin and conquers all.
The more we try to hide it, the bigger it gets.
The bigger, the best, better than the rest.
And that’s when SHE, Lady Fear starts making the calls when it comes to our path.
It even seems like the newest type of relationship is actually a threesome: HE + SHE + FEAR = ?
And eventually like all threesomes it breaks in two parts: a single and a double. We are so attached to our fears, as they keep us warm at night.
The mightiest Lady Fear or them all is the fear of intimacy.
I hear about her so often nowadays, that it seems like she is working around the clock.
We don’t even know what intimacy is and we are already scared of it.
It’s like the huge pink elephant in the porcelain shop of our emotions and we are so terrified that it might step on something (good or bad) that we pretend it’s not there.
If we pretend it’s not there for sure it will go away.
Into the thin air.
And leave the shop nice, clean and empty.
As before.
Bottom-line is that when fear kicks in through the front door, you jump out from the back door.
Or stay and slice up whatever comes into your reach and sight.
The object that generates the fear.
You make me feel scared, so I have to run.
Or I have to leave you breathless for your power over me to shut down.
We are quite simple beings if you come to think of it.
Sometimes so simple, it’s amazing.
Amazingly scary!
What are you scared of?



Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, person, etc.. It is also known as a pledge or an undertaking.



I committed a murder and because I was mentally dyfunctional at the moment of the crime I was committed in a mental hospital.

Now my commitment towards my daily medication overpasses my other commitments.

Actually I do not seem to have other commitments.

Not even to my family or friends.

My girlfriend says I might have commitment issues.

I don’t think so.

After all I have committed several things throughout my existence.

That should mean something, right?


Am comis-o grav! Si am inceput pe urma sa dau din colt in colt.

Comisarul de la sectie ma masura din priviri parca incercand sa ma intimideze.

Doar doar m-oi speria si o sa dau tot pe goarna.

Pana si aia din comitet ma stiu ca pe-un cal breaz.

Stiu prea bine ce-mi poate pielea.

Am incurcat-o de data asta.