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CELTA – The Happy Ending

CELTA – The Happy Ending

I present to all of you the people I spent my CELTA with:

Nobel Nicoleta
Glorious Georgiana
Rigorous Richard
Marvelous Mariana
Remarkable Raluca
Mettlesome Monica
Magical Mara
Victorious Victor
Tenacious Tiberiu
Magnificent Mana
Logical Laura
Eloquent Elena
Illustrious Ioana
Comprehensive Claudia
Meaningful Madalina

Hats off to everyone for everything that you have done during this intensive life and learning experience.


P.S.: This is not the end…

Better off / Best of

Better off / Best of

Some thoughts are better dragged in a corner

Some inner voices might need to be heard out loud

Some faces of today can stick tomorrow too

Some dreams should be put to sleep

Some fillings do nothing more than to empty you

Some hopes will guide your way in as others your way out

Some things are better left

So save the best for last…