Life as it is…

Life as it is…

…sometimes feels heavy.

Like a ball of led pulling you down under, into your deepest and most sincere self.

As other times sweeps you off your own two feet more unpredictable than the strong winds of winter.

But most of the time is just about learning to walk on a rope set somewhere up high into the sky of our grandiose expectations. And in the meantime enjoying each minute of the journey without forgetting that the earth is just right under. Up in the clouds of hopes and dreams the world seems small, manageable, even too common, but as you approach the ground you kinda start to feel the biting reality of things.

Our expectations and patterns can lift and then smash us straight to the ground. We are by nature grounded some more than others. One of the arising questions would be:

Are our feet moving freely step it and step out oriented by our own will or have they become so buried into the soil of our existence that even the illusion of being able to change position seems a luxury?

In real time, you wake up some morning better than others.

Your groggy time from dawn can turn into a groggy mood of the day, or just be the bad start of a great day.

The coffee ritual might be utterly disrupted by the lack of coffee and the obsessive dilemma “HTF did I forget to buy coffee yesterday?” or can have real chances of satisfying your appetite with flavor and poise.

The dress you planned to wear to work is in the laundry basket, or maybe you discover the greatest dress ever in the mystery of your closet and have the unique feeling of wearing something new to work.

The hot water you had been yearning for since you got up in the morning might as well be stuck of the pipes or for sure give you a bit of comfort and pampering before facing life again.

While putting on mascara your eyes have two options: either to play tricks on you and direct the black swirling brush straight into one of them ruining your vision (of life) or to contribute to the best eye-lashes ever invented.

The bus may come in 3′ or you may choose to walk to work and see the sun rising up in the sky for yet another time.

Your team can be the best you’ve ever seen, or in the mood for war and terror. Your over all day of work could be excellent, productive and creative, or just another day you wish for to finish as soon as possible.

Life after work can be or not. If it is for sure you will have a blasting time or the most boring and irritating hours ever.

Your (in)significant other can make you, shake you or break you, or all three at the same time.

At night before you go to sleep you can think of yourself as a winner or a wiener.

The fight or the flight.

The best or the worst.

The genuine or the copycat.

The change or the acceptance of what is.

And this happens day in and day out. As the chaotic routine of our lives.

What will you do?

Will you choose or comfort yourself with the thought that life is as it is?

Will you scream or sit quietly in the corner of your self?

Will you grant yourself the permission of living or being lived?



<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ........................... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ =========================== ??????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatcha gonna do?

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